Our Services – Music Production & Musical Instruments Sales


Lets take You on A Musical Journey

Our Services:
1.  Music and Musical Instrument Sales
2.  Padding – Sound proof installation services
3.  Musical Instrument Repair Services
4.  Sound Production
5.  Studio Software Installation

Music and Musical Instrument Sales

We sell Quality Brand New Products and US Used products Only. All US used equipment are properly checked, serviced and well tested before we display for sale. We gladly allow customers “who are not satisfied with any products sold to them” the chance to swap Products with any other ones they want, else we gladly refund their money.

Padding - Sound proof installation services

Soundproofing And Acoustic Installations
We soundproof or install acoustic in your (studio, class room, gym, halls, clubs, auditorium, hotels, library, church, offices, home) on walls, floors and ceilings with quality sounding environment.

  •  we also sell sound absorption panels and acoustic foams
  • Rockwool and fiberglass insulation

Musical Instruments Repair Services

There is a fine art to musical instrument repair and our technicians are masters in their craft. They artfully assess, skillfully repair, and diligently clean each instrument because they see it as an extension of the musician themselves. It isn’t just repair, it’s their way of helping create music for life.

Our repair services include:

  • General care and maintenance
  • Chemical cleanings
  • Restringing
  • Custom set ups
  • Complete restorations of heirloom instruments
  • Repairs of cracks or split seams
  • Instrument appraisals
  • Repads Dent removal
  • Mouthpiece removal

Sound Production

  • Sound Recording(Studio & Live recordings Multitrack)
  • Sound Design
  • Music Composition
  • Audio Post-production Services


Sound Recording

Our facility covers every aspect of sound recording, both studio and field. In-house variety of microphones, preamps, wireless systems & sound recorders alongside with the experience of our engineers are at your disposal. Our specialty is surround film production sound, but we’re also specialized in TV production sound, ADR recording, commercials, voice-overs, talent casting, ENG productions, Foley work and sound for games & multimedia.


Sound Mixing & Mastering

The Studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art calibrated surround monitor system, up-to date audio hardware & software. Here you can safely & accurately mix and master anything from multi channel surround audio to stereo applications.


Music Composing & Recording

Our award-wining music composers can profoundly compose and arrange original soundtracks for your productions in a diversity of styles. Custom music scores with simple and direct sync licensing.
We are also offering professional music recording and editing services. Our engineers are music educated, experienced and has worked for the major Film and TV series productions for a long time.


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